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Vessel Services

The CPL Carbon Link Vessel Services programme has been designed to ensure a minimal amount of hassle for our customers, removing the need for any manual carbon handling or PPE, and decreasing the possibilities for site contamination. We aim to keep costs to a minimum and to ensure that all site waste and environmental requirements are met.  Please see attached leaflet for more information.

Our range of Clean-Flo® carbon filters are available to purchase, or to rent on a short or long term basis. They are designed for upright transportation, avoiding awkward and expensive laying down procedures, and removing the need for on-site carbon handling.

The ready-filled vessels are delivered to site, and with pre-fitted connectors, valves and pipework, can be plumbed straight into the waste stream undergoing treatment.  Our vessels are discharged, cleaned and serviced at our specialist servicing sites, which operate under full compliance with all environmental and waste handling directives and guidelines. The vessels are also continually inspected to ensure that they are in the best condition.

Modular Adsorption Systems

VOCSorbers®– CPL Carbon Link’s VOCSorbers® are designed for use in air and gas phase applications and are available in sizes from 0.5m³ to 5m³ (our popular 2m³ carbon filter is shown in the image above).  Larger vessels can be supplied by arrangement.  Available on full service or short/long-term rental, we can offer a package to suit your medium to long-term site requirements as well as catering for the needs of a particular short-term project.

AquaSorbers®– CPL Carbon Link’s range of AquaSorbers® are designed to meet the adsorption needs of liquid phase applications and are also available in a wide range of sizes, to fit with application needs. The vessel design enables simple removal of spent carbon with the minimum of labour via the large side manway - shown in the image below, togther with the connectors for our 2m³ unit.  The unit can be quickly filled from a bulk bag using the top filling port.

AquaSorber® 2m3 mobile carbon filterMobile carbon filter for liquid phase purification

AT1, HY1 – CPL Carbon Link offers a standard range of modular filters for use in liquid and vapour phase applications. The Clean-Flo® AT1 modular adsorbers provide a solution to the control of VOC emissions to the atmosphere (up to 250 Nm³/h) and prevent the discharge of volatile organics or odours over permitted levels.  The Clean-Flo® HY1 liquid phase vessels are ideal for smaller wastewater purification applications (up to 1.1 m³/h), or the recirculation of 'grey' or industrial process water.


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