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The Regen-Sys® Service


CPL Carbon Link’s Regen-Sys® is a comprehensive service for the reactivation of 'amber' spent activated carbons, including those used for the removal of aliphatic, aromatic, and many halogenated compounds.

The Regen-Sys® service encompasses a number of services and processes to enable you to run your business without worrying about the disposal of spent carbons, the filling of landfill sites with its environmental repercussions, or training people to manage the carbon filter vessels correctly. Our experienced and fully trained site services team will come to your facility and will safely transport your spent carbon to a waste handling facility, where it will be prepared for transfer to our plant for reactivation. You will then receive a new supply of regenerated carbon, which will be delivered to your site and prepared for use by our team. This represents a zero hassle solution for you and your company.

As explained in the attached leaflet and our new animated film, there are many reasons why reactivated carbon is such a fantastic choice. It’s the best environmental option available with a far lower carbon footprint than the production of virgin (new) activated carbon.  Reactivation also eliminates increasingly expensive waste disposal costs, and helps to conserve existing landfill provision. Visit our Benefits page for more information.

CPL Carbon Link’s regenerated carbon is manufactured in the UK, at our facility in Immingham, and tested in a state-of-the-art laboratory.

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