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SK1 8x30

Filtracarb® SK1 8x30 is a granular activated carbon manufactured from specially selected grades of coal by a steam activation process.

The material is manufactured under stringently controlled conditions to produce an extremely porous adsorbent with a highly developed internal surface area.

  • Versatile liquid phase adsorbent
  • Maximised internal pore volume
  • Highly developed internal surface area
  • Optimum adsorption kinetics
  • Conforms to USA Food Chemicals Codex (FCC).  Also Halal and Kosher certified.
  • Conforms to BS EN ISO 12915 (virgin GAC for potable water treatment)
  • Supplied to BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Standard Specification

Iodine numbermg g-1 min1100ASTM D4607
Moisture as packed% max5ASTM D2867
Mesh size US sieve :-ASTM D2862
+8 (2.36mm)% max5
8-30 (2.36 - 0.60mm)% minBalance
-30 (0.60mm)% max5
-35 (0.50mm)% max1
-40 (0.425mm)% maxTrace

Typical Properties

Hardness% min85ASTM D3802
Bulk Density (dry basis)g ml-10.36ASTM D2854
Densityg ml-10.31* Note 1
pH aqueous extract8ASTM D3838
Ash (total)%12ASTM D2866
Ash (water soluble)%< 0.1ASTM D5209
Surface aream2 g-11300BET N2
Pore volumeml g-11.5Hg Porosimetry
Methylene Bluemg g-1229CPL Method
* Note 1
The weight per unit volume on a dry basis of a bed of activated carbon that has been backwashed and drained.Note 1

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