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Filtracarb® SA70 is based on an extruded pelletised activated carbon manufactured from specially selected grades of coal by steam activation.

Filtracarb® SA70 is impregnated with catalytic chemicals to enhance the removal of hydrogen sulfide in high duty, high humidity air streams.

  • High capacity for conversion of H2S
  • High capacity for the physical adsorption of mercaptans
  • Low pressure drop characteristics
  • Excellent product hardness
  • Low dust
  • High humidity operation
  • Supplied to BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Hydrogen sulphide removal with activated carhon

Standard Base Carbon Specification

TypeCoal pellet
CTC% w/w min55ASTM D3467
Moisture base carbon% max5ASTM D2867
Pellet diametermm4 ± 20%Calliper Scale

Base Carbon Typical Properties

Hardness% min95ASTM D3802
Bulk Densityg cm-30.5 - 0.6ASTM D2854
Ash%15ASTM D2866
Iodine numbermg g-1950ASTM D4607
Surface aream2 g-11000BET N2

Impregnated Specification

Moisture (as packed)%5ASTM D2867
Catalytic impregnant%4.5 - 5.5

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