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A foundry was struggling to control the emissions and odour resulting from its manufacturing process and was under pressure from the authorities to resolve the issue. The gas flow was over 100,000 cubic metres per hour, meaning that the vessels had to be engineered to deal with very high gas flows. The vessels also had to be designed to make the activated carbon changout as straightforward as possible. Added to this, there was also the issue of transporting such large vessels to the customer's site.

Three very large vessels were designed that were of a size that could be easily transported to site and put together to produce one very large filtration system. This not only dealt with the high flow with a reasonable pressure drop, but lasted long enough to ensure that the cost of carbon changes was not too high. The activated carbon in the vessels could be changed, one filter at a time, simply by opening a door at the bottom of the vessel, eliminating any requirement for an expensive vacuum tanker.

Emissions were successfully controlled at a reasonable cost, allowing the foundry to continue operations with the approval of the environmental authorities.

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