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CHP (combined heat & power) engines used to create electricity from the burning of landfill gas were being badly damaged by silicon dioxide and acidic gases. The silicon dioxide was being produced by the burning of siloxanes present within the gas and the acid gases were being produced by the burning of sulfur-based contaminants. This resulted in the engines requiring repeated and expensive maintenance on a weekly, or sometimes daily, basis and meant that the cost of electricity production on the site was far too high.

Activated carbon filter vessels containing Filtracarb extruded pellets, suitable for the gas flows present and designed to hold enough carbon to make them last an extended period, were built and installed upstream of the CHP engines to clean the gas of the siloxane and sulfur-based contaminants before the gas was burned by the engines.

The maintenance interval for the engines was extended from weekly to monthly, vastly reducing the costs involved in running the engines and making the production of electricity on the site viable.

Clean-Flo VOCSorber mobile carbon filters for biogas purification

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