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A factory had lost control of the emissions and odours resulting from its production process and was under pressure from the authorities to make environmental improvements. The factory was very old and in-line process improvements would have been excessively expensive to remove the odours at source. Alternative combustion technologies were considered but rejected as too costly for the budgetary allowances available at the time.

An on-site vessel system was designed by which all process and waste gases were funnelled into a pre-cooling system prior to being passed through activated carbon vessels to adsorb the volatile emissions and odours. Due to site requirements to operate throughout the year, the system was sized to enable only one carbon change per year, and a sufficiently high activity Filtracarb carbon was chosen to offer the best adsorption capabilities for the gases involved, together with maximum adsorption capacity to minimise carbon changeout requirements.

Emissions were brought under control and the factory was able to operate to target shutdown and maintenance schedules, thus enabling it to meet operating budget parameters for the business. Costs were 50 per cent lower than alternative technologies and, when the system was challenged again some time later, the activated carbon option was confirmed as offering the best and most cost-effective long-term approach.


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