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Edible Oil Producer

A customer producing edible oil discovered that a recent large batch of oil purchased was extremely poor in colour and contaminated with much higher levels of poly-aliphatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) than his usual supply and he was also finding it difficult to achieve target colours and contaminant levels with his current activated carbon. Market availability of oil meant that he had to use the batch as no alternative material could be made available in time to meet his customers' demands.

A series of tests were run on site using different levels of Filtracarb® SK1 to find an optimum dosage level with the poorer quality oil to achieve the desired colour and PAH levels required for market saleability. It was found that not only was the SK1 able to reduce the colour and PAH levels to targets needed, but the dosage level needed was lower than the previously-used activated carbon and the contact time required was shorter. 

The batch of oil involved was treated to allow the customer to meet his end-users' requirements; the longer term benefit was savings in his usage of activated carbon as SK1 was able to be dosed at lower rates to achieve the same effect. An improvement in processing time was also achieved as the contact time required for the SK1 in the oil to achieve desired results was up to 10 per cent less than the alternative activated carbon.

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