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Benefits of Regen-Sys®

Regen-Sys Benefits

Benefits to the customer

• Significant cost reduction compared with the purchase of virgin activated carbon.
• Virgin carbon prices tend to rise constantly as it becomes more difficult to buy, due to a number of reasons, including increasing consumption in supplier countries, as well as variable coconut harvests.
• Virgin carbon is only slightly more effective than regenerated carbon (around 5% for a given grade/product). Virgin carbon make-up can be added to the reactivated material, if required.
• We offer a complete service; so you can leave all your activated carbon requirements to us!
• No on-site manual handling of spent carbons.
• Less potential for the contamination of your site.
• Eliminates waste carbon disposal costs.

Benefits to the environment

• Significantly reduces the amount of spent carbon going to landfill sites.
• Lower carbon footprint (approx 20%) associated with reactivation, compared with virgin carbon production.
• Any carbon left over from the regeneration process - for example any undersized fractions from the seiving step - can be used in other industrial applications, usually after undergoing a grinding process to produce powdered activated carbon (PAC).

For an overview of our reactivation process, please take a look at our new animated film.


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