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Swimming Pools

Commercial swimming pools use recirculation to conserve water. Recirculation reduces make-up volumes of fresh water and energy – swimming pools are expensive to heat. Evaporation and frequent use by swimmers increases the concentrations of unwelcome salts, organic compounds and ozone. A controlled flow, or blow-down, of water to drain maintains equilibrium.

Specialist water treatments are always necessary to maintain the cleanliness and efficacy of the water. Robotic cleaning devices can sweep the surface of the swimming pool tiles and physically clean away surface detritus. Automatic continuous filtration systems are installed to control water chemistry: suspended solids, dissolved solids, pH, ozone levels, colour and odour, levels of organic compounds and microbiological activity.

Filtracarb® activated carbons play an important role in the purification of swimming pool water. The dissolved contaminants, such as chloramines, are adsorbed onto the surface of the Filtracarb® activated carbon and help to purify the recirculated water.  Further information about dechlorination using Filtracarb® activated carbons can be found here.

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