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Odour Control Systems

With heightened awareness of the potential problems associated with malodours from industrial and municipal processes comes an incumbent responsibility on the generators of these odours to control their emission to the atmosphere.

CPL Carbon Link provides a comprehensive range of abatement equipment utilising dry and wet scrubbing techniques, either independently or in combination, to achieve the most effective odour control system.

Odours are emitted from a wide range of processes and are derived from a broad range of chemical types. In order to treat this variety of purification challenges, different filtration media and technologies can be utilised.

For instance, where high levels of hydrogen sulfide are present, specialist activated carbons are available with excellent efficacy and life.

The activated carbon product selection is related to the nature of the odorous compound present and can be supplied in the form of either standard untreated grades, catalytically enhanced materials or chemically impregnated types for enhanced loading capacity and removal efficiency.

CPL Carbon Link solutions offer a number of advantages including the use of multiple step abatement systems, media optimisation methodologies and in-house support to assist with design and testing/approval of abatement technologies.

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