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Municipal Water Treatment (Powdered Activated Carbon)

In certain regions, the treatment of the water intended for potable purposes is not necessary throughout the whole of the year. In others, the presence of taste, odour and other pollutants is dependent largely on the biological activity in areas where lake or reservoir supply is common. It is therefore often more cost-effective to use temporary or intermittent dosing of activated carbon into the water, only during times when treatment is required. In situations such as these, the use of Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is preferred as no costly fixed bed filtration equipment is required (as would be required for GAC). The PAC can be dosed directly to existing flocculent tanks at a prescribed rate to achieve the level of removal of taste, odour and contaminants as required.  Particle size distribution has been optimised for good kinetics, enabling the efficient removal of a wide range of unwanted molecules from the water, including pesticides, herbicides and a number of so-called 'emerging contaminants' such as pharmaceuticals and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs).  Our Filtracarb SK1 PAC is particularly effective for the removal of metaldehyde, a pesticide that is notoriously difficult to remove with regular granular carbons.

Following dosing of PAC, the activated carbon is removed as part of the flocculation process, or subsequently filtered mechanically. The water is then disinfected for supply to the distribution network. CPL Carbon Link manufactures a range of Filtracarb® Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) products for municipal water treatment. Key features include optimum product selection, a flexible approach to adsorption, maximum volume activity on dosing, excellent dispersal characteristics in slurries and UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) approval - Products comply with BS EN 12903.

In addition to the supply of PAC, CPL Carbon Link is able to supply automated dosing equipment as well as a full analytical service to assist in the determination of dosing levels and appropriate PAC products.

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