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Modern crematation facilities are designed to meet the stringent environmental requirements that are always associated with incinerators and furnaces.

Cremation is a process that has the potential to create pollution. Acid gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dioxins, furans and heavy metals (notably mercury vapour) are the main contaminants. Crematoria have emission limits set for these pollutants. Also, any emission from the stack, other than steam, must be colourless and odourless.  

This requires filtration of the flue gases, as described in the attached leaflet.

Furthermore, many existing crematoria are now subject to mercury abatement rules and are retrofitting or upgrading their out-dated flue gas filters to meet new standards of emission. Each cremator, having facitilies of differing ages and detailed designs, will require a different solution.

CPL Carbon Link produces activated carbons that can be used directly in new installations and can also be used to replace activated carbons in older filters to bring them into specification. Our activated carbons complement each other and can be used in combination to meet individual crematorium demands.

CPL Carbon Link offers considerable technical experience and advice and has the products to meet today’s stringent environmental standards.

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