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Air and Gas Treatment with Activated Carbon

With increasing levels of concern regarding air contaminants, and a flow of new and updated environmental and health practices and legislation, regulations relating to emissions are tightening and air treatment solutions are high on the agenda both for the public sector and large corporations. CPL Carbon Link provides a full range of activated carbons and mobile filter vessels for air purification. Our team of experts is on hand to guide you in your selection and to make sure you come away with the solution that best meets your specific needs.

Biogas from landfill sites and anaerobic digestors (AD) can contain high levels of of contaminants including hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes - man-made organic compounds containing silicon, oxygen and methyl groups. If biogas is treated with a suitable activated carbon, it is much less likely to form deposits on heat exchange surfaces, which means that equipment lasts longer and enjoys better performance.  It also means that the resulting biogas (biomethane) can be of a sufficient purity to be injected into the gas grid. 


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