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Maintain the cleanliness of your water with our specialist carbon based treatments, ideal for municipal, industrial and process water treatments.

To combat increased levels of air contaminants, and to meet environmental legislation, we provide a range of activated carbon solutions for effective air purification, and the reduction of harmful gases.

Our edible oil carbon treatments remove any undesirable impurities created during the processing of edible oils. These materials can contribute to adverse taste, odour, colour and acidity, none of which should be present in food grade oil.

Treating flue gases produced by incinerators with our specialist activated carbon products will allow you to comply with emissions standards, and remove air contaminants such as gaseous heavy metals and dioxins.

Our Activated Carbon range is widely used in Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP) and Carbon-in-Leach (CIL) operations for the recovery of gold from leached pulps, and also in Carbon-in-Column (CIC) circuits, where clear gold-bearing solutions are treated.

The CPL Carbon Link Vessel Services programme has been designed to ensure a minimal amount of hassle for customers requiring mobile carbon filters.

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